Wellstrade transaction fee

Wellstrade transaction fee

A wellstrade household is comprised solely of wellstrade accounts with the same ownership or address. Households comprised solely of one or more wellstrade ira accounts are subject to a 30 ira custodial fee in lieu of the 30 household annual fee.

A transaction fee is a trading fee that is charged by the brokerage firm when you buy or sell shares of a fund. A wellstrade household is comprised solely of wellstrade accounts with the same ownership or address.

The brokerage firm will waive the fee if you have 250,000 in household balances, only have a sep ira, are enrolled in portfolio by wells fargo, or have signed up for e-documents.

  wellstrade offers broker-assisted trading for any of these transactions for an additional 25, except for mutual funds, which do not incur any additional cost.

  wellstrade does not have a minimum account balance but it does charge a 30 annual fee, with some exceptions such as for high-value accounts.

You may need to call the brokerage firm to complete a wire transaction. There is a 30 charge for domestic wires, and if you need to wire funds to a bank outside the united states, the fee is 40. Bill pay unfortunately, wells fargo does not permit wellstrade brokerage accounts to use its bill pay services.

  however, there is an annual fee of 30 per household to use the service. Theres also a 95 outgoing account transfer fee and a 15 per hour rate for a human advisor. In addition, youll pay 5 per document for account research and documental retrieval.

Some other fees certainly apply when trading with wellstrade, such as their 25 annual fee if your balance is lower than 5,000.

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Wellstrade transaction fee

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