Tsb currency account

Tsb currency account

Withdraw or deposit foreign currency without needing to convert keep your money in your tsb foreign currency account until youre ready to convert view balances and transactions via online banking pay money overseas directly from your tsb foreign currency account.

Where you select pounds sterling, we send the money in the foreign currency using the pounds sterling amount. 50, then entering a pound sterling equivalent of 100 will send 150.

Le compte étranger en devises proposé par tsb bank est un compte dédié aux personne de nationalité étrangère et non-résidente en tunisie.

  what is the local currency for this transaction? Choose a currency euros (eur) swedish krona (sek) danish krone (dkk) polish zloty (pln) croatian kuna (hrk) bulgarian lev (bgn) czech koruna (czk) romanian leu (ron) hungarian forint (huf) norwegian krone (nok) swiss franc (chf) icelandic krona (isk).

We dont hold all currencies, all the time, we may need to order some for you. Foreign exchange services may be limited to existing customers at some of our smaller branches.

Ibans are similar to your full account number and are not used in new zealand. However if an iban is required, the iban field can be loaded as bnz 02-1000-xxxxxx-xxxx. The new zealand equivalent of an abasort codebsb is lcc (local clearing code), which is the beneficiary bank and branch number.

  if youre registered for business internet banking you can make international payments online. This service allows you to make payments in over 20 currencies to recipients in the uk and abroad - straight from your sterling business account.

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Tsb currency account

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