Truxp high performance ceramic brake pads

Truxp high performance ceramic brake pads

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  a ceramic brake pad is a heavy duty brake pad that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. Over the years, we have witnessed this type of brake pad replacing the traditional semi-metallic brake pad. Beside the lower price point, ceramic brake pads boast of dust-free braking.

On the contrary, ceramic brake pads tend to cause less wear on the brake rotors. Fully optimized, ceramic brake pads are able to handle high-heat better than any other brake pad material. They also generate less dust, recover faster, and wear more slowly than any other material on the market.

  ceramic brake pads are made from a resin-based filler material that contains ceramic fibers as well as small amounts of copper fibers. Ceramic compounds dissipate heat well, so performance stays strong after repeated hard stops. Ceramic brake pads are the quietest thanks to a higher resonant frequency thats not detectable by human ears.

The higher performance does mean these pads will generally be more expensive than most organics. The heavier duty nature of semi-metallics allows them to work better on heavier cars and trucks. Performance brake pads if we are going to talk about cost to performance ratio, then next on our list are ceramic brake pads.

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Truxp high performance ceramic brake pads

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