Streaming defense week 2

Streaming defense week 2

Sf nyj the 49ers are the team that people reached for in the 10th round this year, so youre unlikely to have them if youre aware of streaming defenses as a strategy.

Mike miklius breaks down the best defenses to stream in week 2. Michael miklius streaming defenses 8 months ago (photo by stephen lewicon sportswire) so, week 1 finished and everything went exactly as expected.

  its too soon to reach any conclusions, but well start to take notice if week 2 brings similar results. Fortunately for our purposes, there are a bunch of attractive dst streaming options, including a couple with multi-week starting potential. Each of the five defenses listed below is facing an opponent with an implied total of 20 points or less.

  week 2 should be another good one for streaming, with five of the top-10 defenses in my weekly rankings available on waivers in a decent portion of fantasy leagues. Well start with an obvious choice down in texas, followed by four other teams with multi-week streaming potential.

  each week in this space well be looking at the top team defenses available on your waiver wire (roughly 50 owned or less on yahoo) to add for the upcoming week. Here are the defenses you should be looking to stream in week 2. 5) jacksonville will be without starter nick foles in week 2.

Typically the top three tiers will be dsts you should target, with tier 4 being options in deep leagues and tier 5 being desperation plays or.

  3 fantasy football defensive streaming options for week 2 the chiefs are heavy favorites over the raiders, giving their defense a chance to rack up picks and sacks.

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Streaming defense week 2

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