Space mining tycoon

Space mining tycoon

Its one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3d experiences created on roblox.

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There are currently 12 types of ores that can be found and mined in the game. The table below lists all ores in the game, where they can be found, and their base value.

Space mining tycoon is a game on roblox where you mine ores, sell them, and buy things like upgraders to increase the value of your ore and better pickaxes to mine more valuable ore.

When the blue rises to the top, that means there are 20 ores in the container and it is at max capacity, whereas when there is no blue, the container is empty.

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  roblox space mining tycoon codes full list of active codes (2021) good job, youre landing on the best web page of the internet for roblox game codes. Use the codes written below and get tons of coins, gems, pets, skins, and many more amazing rewards.

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Space mining tycoon

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