Rustic canyon sandstone step stone msi

Rustic canyon sandstone step stone msi

Rustic canyon stepping stones are hand cut from gorgeous beige and gold sandstone. These beautiful stepping stones are recommended for exterior design installations and are suitable for creating wandering paths, linking one living area to another.

The ms international rustic canyon sandstone step stone features multi-color shades and a natural texture that helps add a decorative accent to your landscape.

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Pewter square concrete step stone msi rustic canyon natural sandstone step stone mpg natural teak floor mat 1. Irregular concrete blue variegated stepping stones kit (20-piece) pavestone 24 in.

Stepping stones stepping stones add an enchanting element to yards, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. Msis hand-cut stepping stones are perfect for creating wandering paths, intriguing patterns, and distinctive edging. Used alone or in combination with other natural stones, stepping stones offer endless design possibilities.

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Rustic canyon sandstone step stone msi

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