Rice university on campus housing

Rice university on campus housing

Rice housing housing services at rice university combines undergraduate housing, residential dining, graduate apartments and summer conference services in one department. We strive to make your college experience completely inviting and supportive of your life as a student at rice university.

Undergraduate housing at rice is a unique blend of historic and modern architecture. Undergraduate life at rice university is designed to revolve under the residential college system. The residential college system is divided into 11 different colleges and which are self-governed aspects of the university.

For 2021 the conference housing season will run from may 21 july the conference housing season will run from may 14 july 30 minimum requirements for on-campus housing. Groups must be on-campus for a minimum of four days (three nights) in order to utilize on-campus housing.

Will there be furniture in my dorm room when i get to rice? All campus-rooms are equipped with a twin bed, dresser, desk, chair and a closet or wardrobe per student. Each bed is an 80-inch extra-long, which is longer than the standard twin bed length.

Minutes to west university elementary and the texas medical center.

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Rice university on campus housing

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Rice university on campus housing

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