Pool covers lanzarote

Pool covers lanzarote

We manufacture all our pool covers from raw materials here in lanzarote and we hold a stock of all materials and roller systems. All our covers are made to measure, so will fit your pool perfectly. We can also repair swimming pool covers which have been broken due to misuse. Soltex can also provide solar protectors for pool covers and spa tops.

Pool covers have been manufactured in our warehouse in playa blanca since our doors opened in 2006. We make all pool covers from raw uv protected material and stitching so you receive the best quality available, and protect your investments to extend its overall life, we cut all our pool covers to precise measurements for the best fit for your pool and ensure you get the greatest benefit from.

From our warehouse in playa blanca, lanzarote, in the canary islands, we run our pool and shop and distribution service with pool covers, pool heaters, pool construction, and more to covers the whole of the canary islands. Since opening for business in 2005, our family-run company has grown to become one of the largest independent pool and spa supply shops in lanzarote and the canary islands.

Energyguard pool covers are an award winning product, the pool cover materials selective transmission layer effectively filters out the uv wavelength that algae feeds on while still allowing free solar heat gain. Lanzarote and cut to the size and shape of your pool for the best quality and longevity.

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Pool covers lanzarote

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