Mt4 expert advisor email alert

Mt4 expert advisor email alert

  using an expert advisor to create an indicator email alert. Expert advisors (eas) are programs that work in mt4 to automate trading tasks. One of the ways that they can be used is to create an email alert based on a technical indicator. I have created a simple ea that makes a sound alert and sends an email alert when there is a crossover of the macd.

Email alert ea will send out messages to a pre determined email address or mobile device with any trade activation details, amendments and closures. This classic expert advisor for the metatrader 4 platform will alert the account holder of any changes on the account.

  open your mt4 charting platform by going to tools options and click on the email tab. The smtp login and the from fields are identical and should reflect the gmail account you set up in step 1. The to field is where you want your emails to go, example your private email address where you want your mt4 email alert to be sent.

  an alert-only expert advisor is an ea that does not open or close trades when a trade signal is detected, but instead generates an alert. This is what an alert looks like on the mt platform metatrader alert window.

Email notifications you can enable your metatrader terminal to send an email to an email address. It is recommended to set up alerting indicators and expert advisors on a metatrader instance running on a vps. The first step to set up alerts for mt4 and mt5 is to configure the client.

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Mt4 expert advisor email alert

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