Localbitcoins terms of service

Localbitcoins terms of service

Localbitcoins is an online trading service for the purchase and sale of bitcoins (services or services). As part of localbitcoins services, it also helps to resolve disputes if they arise between buyers and sellers. Localbitcoins will not be a party to any business or transaction concluded by its users.

  in a move necessitated by new regulations on data protection, one of the most popular p2p crypto platforms is updating its terms of service.

  localbitcoins is one of the most popular otc platforms out there, with the site registering steady growth year-on-year since its launch in 2012.

  headquartered in helsinki, finland, localbitcoins stated in a blog post that the move would increase transparency in how it provides its services and ensure that its compliant with the eus soon-to-be-enforced general data protection regulation (gdpr).

  localbitcoins allows users to buy sell bitcoins directly from other users. There is no company or organization involved and localbitcoins acts just as an escrow. The portal has made big changes to privacy policy and terms of service which will come into effect on may 25 th 2018.

  these terms of service are intended to be and are solely for the benefit of localautobot and you and do not create any right in favor of any third party.

  localbitcoins will also have the right to terminate or suspend an account if a user is accused of fraud with sufficient proof, or if the platform has reason to believe ones account has been hacked, in which case the suspension will be done to limit the damage the hacker can cause.

Headquartered in helsinki, finland, localbitcoins stated in a blog post that the move would increase transparency in how it provides its services and ensure that its compliant with the eus soon-to-be-enforced general data protection regulation (gdpr).

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Localbitcoins terms of service

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