Icici bank travel card withdrawal limit

Icici bank travel card withdrawal limit

These limits may be less than the limits set by icici bank multicurrency forex prepaid card (refer schedule of charges) in case of 3 incorrect pin attempts, your card will be disabled.

  it is a facility through which icici bank forex prepaid card holders can withdraw cash by.

High daily withdrawal limit of usd 2000 or its equivalent amount icici bank travel card prime benefits load up to 15 major currencies on your icicibank travel card.

If there is sufficient balance, check that you are not exceeding the daily withdrawal limits. If it is within the limit and you are still unable to withdraw cash using an active forex forex prepaid card, please call our customer care for further assistance.

Icici bank reserves the right to limit or reduce the amount of forex prepaid card balance that may be used through the use of the card per day or over a specified period, for effecting any transaction.

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Icici bank travel card withdrawal limit

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