How to find rocket league id

How to find rocket league id

  launch rocket league and get yourself to the main menu open the friends tab (r2rt buttons) and select add a friend by epic id enter the players epic id or epic username press search and find them.

Launch the epic games launcher on your system and click on your username in the bottom left corner of your screen. You will now be redirected to a webpage where your epic games account details will be available to you.

  how to find epic id rocket league!in todays video i show you how to find your epic id for rocket league.

If you would like to change your in-game name, you can do so by changing the epic display name. More information about changing the epic display name is available in this support article.

Open the social tab in rl main menu and under your name there will be a small epic logo an epic id.

Press r2 then it should be somewhere on ones of those tabs its not too hard to find.

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How to find rocket league id

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