Dish swish soap cage

Dish swish soap cage

00 we are thrilled to be stockists of nz design company modishs dish swish the plastic-free solution for washing dishes. Made from top quality stainless steel, this soap shaker is stylish & built to last.

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We are thrilled to be stockists of nz design company modishs dish swish the plastic-free solution for washing dishes.

Hand wash your dishes with a dish washing soap bar in our dish swish soap shaker. By using a soap swish, youll reduce plastic, prevent chemical detergents going down the drain, and save money as you wont be using your dishwasher. Its easy to store upright or hang when not in use, allowing the dish soap to drain and dry between uses.

We designed this product with a contemporary twist on the traditional soap cage. Its sturdy, built to last, and looks great! The dish swish is compact, easy to store upright or hang when not in use. The cage opening measures 65mm x 30mm and the basket is 80mm high (inside).

  a high grade stainless steel soap cage to swish your dish soap through the dish water and create suds. Simply place a bar of your favourite palm oil free dish soap into the cage and hold under running water or swish from side to side in the basin. A great way to reduce plastic in the kitchen by replacing liquid dish soap with a bar.

Remember our grandparentsgreat grandparents had these as a staple tool at the kitchen sink. Swish vigorously from side to side in water to create soapy suds, take out and hang to drain.

The dish swish soap shaker, is designed as an easy-to-use tool for hand-washing dishes using dish soap bars. This method was used years ago, before we had liquid detergents and plastic refill bottles. This product is a contemporary twist on the traditional soap cage.

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Dish swish soap cage

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