Chinese takeaway syns 2019

Chinese takeaway syns 2019

Order chinese online and have delicious food in just a few clicks.

5 syns for 550g serving beef in black bean sauce 8 syns for 550g serving beef with mushroom 8. 5 syns for 550g serving beef with pepper, onion & water chestnuts 19 syns for 550g serving chicken & cashew nuts 14 syns for 550g serving chicken & mushroom 9.

  our chinese takeaway restaurant slimming world syns list. If you are in the mood for a chinese you may be wondering how many syns your favourite meal has, and what the healthiest options are on the menu.

  sundries chinese crackers 28g original 7 syns green 7 syns prawn sesame toasts 2 pieces original 7 syns green 7 syns jujube (chinese date), pureedcooked 28g original 1 syn green 1 syn jujube (chinese date), raw, whole per 100g free on both days soups chicken & sweetcorn soup.

  main dishes barbecue spare ribs, average portion 160g serving original 8? Syns green 17? Syns beef in black bean sauce, average portion 360g serving original 5 syns green 16? Syns chicken & cashew nuts, average portion 330g serving original 8? Syns green 18 syns chicken & mushroom, average.

  hello, unfortunately, my family has a chinese take-away every saturday. Usually i have a green day on saturday and try to choose the healthiest meal possible. Currently i have wholegrain rice and mushroomsvegetables in a light gravy sauce (the gravy sauce is minimal.).

The syns in the book for ee are as follows bbq spare ribs 160g 8.

  gobi aloo saag (350g portion) - 12 syns chinese i find chinese restaurants and takeaways can be a bit lower in syns compared to others, but there are some really high synned dishes that some people may not realise are so high. Ive done a list of dishes below with an average of the syns values.

  chinese takeaway syn values january 2015 ) click here for more click here for more. Chinese takeaway syn values january 2015 ) posted by teddyshin 10.

Make one wrong move with our choices however, and our syns for the week are thrown off -- undoing all of the good work for the week. To put this into perspective, here are a couple of summer faves and their syn values pint bottle of original bulmers 12.

Order chinese online and have delicious food in just a few clicks.

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Chinese takeaway syns 2019

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