Broken wing iron butterfly

Broken wing iron butterfly

  the market assumption for a put broken wing butterfly should be sort of the opposite to the one of a call broken wing butterfly. First priority should again be that the underlying price stays more or less where it already is.

A skip strike butterfly, or broken wing butterfly call, is a bearish option strategy where you embed a short (bear) call spread inside a long call butterfly spread.

Broken wing butterflies are short vega trades, so generally speaking, they benefit from falling volatility after the trade has been placed. Looking at the spy example above, the position starts with a negative vega of 5. This means that for every 1 drop in implied volatility, the trade should gain 5.

  a put broken wing butterfly is a butterfly spread with long put strikes that are not at the same distance from the short put strike. A broken wing butterfly has more risk on one side of the spread than on the other. The trade consists of a combination of a bull put spread and a short put spread, both spreads have the same strike in the short puts.

  converting and iron condor into a broken wing butterfly means price can move in one direction as much as it wants.

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Broken wing iron butterfly

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