Bonus bonds draw

Bonus bonds draw

The financial statements as at re available so that you can see information about the financial position of the bonus bonds scheme at the commencement of wind-up. Printed copies of the financial statements and disclosure information are available free of charge on request by calling 0800 266 374 or emailing infocomms.

  bonus bonds was launched by the new zealand government through the post office in 1970. Instead of earning interest or receiving investment gains or losses, each eligible bonus bond gives bondholders one entry into the monthly prize draw, where investment returns of the scheme are returned to investors as prizes.

  bonus bonds gave investors the chance of winning a 1 million prize each month for every bond they held. However, they were criticised by financial advisers for the low odds of winning and the.

In a wind-up situation, no bonus bonds can be purchased or redeemed and we will return funds to bondholders as they become available. You are not able to cash in your bonus bonds, instead you will receive one or more distributions from the scheme during the wind-up process.

  each 1 bonus bond earned a single entry in a monthly draw in which the top prize was 1m.

Based on the schemes financial position as at , were confident investors will receive at least 1. 10 per bonus bond they hold by the completion of the wind-up. For example, an investor who held 100 worth of bonus bonds when the scheme went into wind-up would receive at least 110 by the time the wind-up is completed.

Send secure emails to bonus bonds using bondmail any person 15 years or older can use mybonusbonds.

It is recommended that you perform virus scans on your computer regularly.

  weve put together a full list of dates when premium bonds winning numbers are drawn each month in 2021. If youre a premium bond holder, youll no doubt want to know when the draw is held each month so can find out if youve won as soon as possible. The latest big prize premium bond winners are published on the first working day of the month so,.

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Bonus bonds draw

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