Bnz australia branches

Bnz australia branches

Free phone, available 8am 8pm monday to friday, and 9am 6pm saturday, sunday and on public holidays. From overseas, call 64 4 931 8209 (international toll charges apply).

From savings accounts and travel insurance, to credit cards and the handy bnz convert it app 2, were here to help out with your travels, before you take off and while youre away.

Bank of new zealand ( bnz) is one of largest banks in the country with 180 branches, with more than 5000 employees assisting their customers. Starting out in 1861, with bnz opening their first office in auckland, the bank was extremely quick to expand with just 3 months later, they opened a branch in dunedin.

117 heretaunga street west, hastings central, hastings 4122 14.

If you would like to apply for a withdrawal in this situation, you need to fill in the bnz kiwisaver scheme australian-sourced retirement savings application form pdf 78kb. Once you have filled in this form, you will need to take it to a justice of the peace, a solicitor of the high court of new zealand, notary public or another person authorised to complete the statutory declaration section of the form.

  branches to close on 24 december, 2020 (8 branches) courtenay place greerton manurewa mosgiel mount maunganui pakuranga papatoetoe petone branches closing between february - march 2021 (14 branches) cromwell geraldine huntly katikati ohakune opotiki orewa otorohanga st heliers taihape waiheke waimate wairoa westport.

Bnz everyday and savings accounts, app and online banking, home loansmortgages, credit cards, insurance, investments, foreign exchange and more.

  bnz customer service - how to get in touch with the bank. If you have more questions about bnz, its best to get in touch with them directly.

Our asian business banking team are native speakers of mandarin, cantonese, hokkien and malay. They work with you on a complete banking solution and can be your one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. Theyre also available to help you with your personal banking needs.

Branch range anz 01, 04, 06 and 11 (see below) 00015699 bnz 02 00011299 the co-operative bank 02 1242, 12451250 (agency arrangement via bnz) westpac 03 00011999 heartland 03 kookmin bank 02 agency arrangement via bnz nzcu 03 agency arrangement via westpac rabobank new zealand 03 00011999 china construction bank new zealand 05 8884-8889.

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Bnz australia branches

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