Bitcoin energy consumption comparison

Bitcoin energy consumption comparison

This section attempts to provide an unbiased and objective ground for helping visitors to independently assess the magnitude of bitcoins electricity consumption and compare it to other uses of electricity. Note all comparisons are based on our best-guess estimate of bitcoins total electricity consumption.

  the university of cambridges online tool estimates bitcoins annual electricity consumption is more than the netherlands, united arab emirates and argentina bitcoin uses more electricity annually.

  bitcoin average energy consumption per transaction compared to that of visa as of april 14, 2021 (in kilowatt-hours) graph.

  a division of the cambridge centre for alternative finance, the department estimates the cryptos annualized energy consumption to be around 127.

  according to the cbeci, bitcoin uses 113 twh of energy per year. The proportion of renewables used is unknowable, but basic economics dictates that miners will continue to chase the cheapest power available, which is increasingly becoming renewable.

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Bitcoin energy consumption comparison

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