Atc meaning stocks

Atc meaning stocks

  atc (at the close order) - an order to buy or sell a stock at the closing price. One of the benefits to this type of order is that it can be placed prior to the actual end of the trading day requested. Currently, ato and atc orders are applicable for all arca stocks.

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Atc orders only require the side, stock code and volume to be entered by the user. The price at which the order will be sent during run-off would be dependent on the closing price of the stock.

At-the-open order (ato) an order to buy or sell a stock at the sessions opening price. Ato orders are allowed during pre-open sessions (morning and afternoon). At the close order (atc) an order to buy or sell a stock at the closing price.

An at-the-close (atc) order - the colfinancial at-the-close order allows the user to enter an order that would be sent to the exchange for execution during the market run-off period at a price equivalent to the closing price of the stock.

Marginal cost (mc) & average total cost (atc) total cost is variable cost and fixed cost combined. Tcvcfc now divide total cost by quantity of output to get average total cost. Atctcq average total cost can be very handy for firms to compare efficiency at different output or when adjusting different factors of production.

A stop-loss order, as the name suggests, is designed to stop a loss. If you bought a stock and worry about it falling too low, you might place a stop-loss sell order at 20 to sell that stock when the price hits 20.

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Atc meaning stocks

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